Little Known Uses For Skip Bins

We have all had a garage that needed to be cleaned out from time to time or that storage area at work. What did we do? That is right, we made a phone call to hire someone to deliver us a skip bin so we could easily load that rubbish and get rid of it. People have been using them like that for years. But what else can we use a skip bin for besides hauling garbage? This sturdy steel tool has other uses that people have gotten creative and used them for.

One person’s wife wanted his garden plants removed from the back yard and the yard sodded so her growing grandchildren had enough backyard to play in. The grandchildren were coming the following week so the project needed to be started right away. The man found a friend who was willing to rent him some land for his prized plants but it would take a few days to prepare the soil at the site. Not wanting to risk divorce or lose his precious plants the man needed to get resourceful in a hurry. He decided to rent a large Skip Bin, fill it with a small layer of soil, and placed his plants in there for a few days while he waited to move them to the new garden – problem solved.

Another man needed to resurface the fibreglass bottom of his 22 foot fishing boat. After getting some outrageous quotes for having someone else do the work he decided to do it himself. A friend had a Skip bin in his yard so it gave him an idea. The man ordered a skip bin, got some hydraulic jacks, some 8×8 timbers, and some loading straps. Before you knew it he had a raised platform for his boat and resurfaced it himself. Get the high quality skip bins at – website.

Perhaps the craziest idea for using a skip bin came from a group that needed a float for the annual Pirates Day Parade. You guessed it. They had a Skip Bin delivered onto a flat bed trailer then covered and decorated it to look like a pirate ship. They even won first prize.

I am not sure if we recommend any of these solutions to everyone. Skip bins are a solid steel virtually indestructible structure so it just goes to show that if you can think of it and do it safely, then they might just have some uses for other things besides getting rid of the rubbish.